Review Structure

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I often get asked “What’s your criteria when reviewing music?” Well, this page is specifically dedicated to telling you all about my review structure and why I feel it’s the best way to review music. Check it:

There are certain things I look for in music when I’m critiquing it that most others look for (i.e. Originality, Lyricism, Production), but I also look for creativity and versatility based on the artist, I look at their previous works, not to draw comparisons but to see how they’ve improved themselves since their last body of work. Some people like the same ol’ same ol’, while others always want something completely new and out there. Artists like Juicy J rap about nothing but drugs, drank, and women, while artists like Kanye West present a completely different and polarizing concept with every single album he puts out. Again, it’s all a matter of taste.

I’ve set myself up as an expert in the field of music. I know what to look for with my personal tastes. I try to cater to all genres and all types of music and see the from multiple perspectives before telling you whether it’s something you could get by without hearing or something you need to check out right away. Again, for me it comes down to creativity and something I enjoy regardless of an artist’s ability to actually write a deep, meaningful song. If I can bob my head and jam to it, I’m happy.

I don’t give out ratings, I feel like putting a “rating” on an artist’s art is kind of like slapping them in the face. To that artist, one song could be the Mona Lisa of their entire discography, who am I to say “3/5, 10/10,” etc. No, I’m simply going to say listen to it or don’t listen to it, I’m going to give valid points for both why you should and why you shouldn’t, but I’m simply doing my best to cater to the tastes of the community. My main criteria again consists of creativity, versatility, the effort that shows in the work, and then just the no-brainer things that I mentioned above.

Simple enough?


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