Samples & Soapboxes is a music-oriented blog created in February 2013.. S&S is designed to provide up-to-date news, reviews, and other musical content. Originally created on the blogging platform tumblr, S&S switched to WordPress in August 2013. With the constant influx of content by the music industry it’s difficult to keep up, but we do our best.

The main genres we focus on are hip-hop/rap and experimental music. But we are always interested in discovering new local or underground talent and also covering your favorite artists and what they’re currently doing in regards to their music. If you have something you would like to see us post about send it our way.

Editor-In-Chief: Troy Womble

Contact information:

Email: definitelytroy@gmail.com
Twitter: @wvmble
acebook: definitelytroy

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Troy Womble and I’m the primary content contributor for S&S (aside from all the artists that make this blog possible.) In February 2012 I had an idea of somehow, some way combining websites like Pitchfork, Complex, Earmilk, and Hypetrak and all the awesome music outlets you look at every day into one giant empire of music news, reviews, and as our Facebook page says: “Providing critiques, opinions, news, and late night insomniatic coffee-fueled readings that even the dustiest of elitists would enjoy.”

One day I hope to accomplish this, I hope to have more than just myself contributing. No one person could ever accomplish a task like this, everyone has their own life to live and I am no exception. I once heard that in order to be a successful blogger you should write a thousand words a day, being a full-time college senior with a job that requires me to work 15+ hours a week, that’s a difficult task as it is. My ultimate goal for S&S is to serve the music industry and the community of listeners in it to the best of my ability. If possible, I hope to make a career out of this project, pay my bills, support my (future) family, etc. Without a soundtrack life is boring. I hope you’ll allow me to help you pick out what you put into that soundtrack.

– Troy


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