Track Review: Juicy J – “Low (feat. Nicki Minaj, Young Thug & Lil Bibby)”

Image via iTunes

Image via iTunes

Welcome to the very first ever song of the day. Today’s selection is Juicy J’s new banger “Low.” There are so many reasons why Juicy J is an amazing artist and I can’t think of one to explain why he’s as underrated as he is. From Three Six to Taylor Gang he’s always put out solid work. His flow is impeccable, he has great chemistry with artists you’d never expect to hear him with (we’re looking at you, Justin Timberlake and The Weeknd), and he stunts like he’s 20 at 40 years old.

I fly to Cancun on a Sunday, land in France on Monday

How are you going to compete with that? Listening to Juicy J bend words is probably one of my favorite things about his music. He’ll find a way to stop one bar at the perfect moment and pick it right back up seamlessly, even if it’s in the middle of a word. Juicy J is indisputably one of the most technical rappers in the game today.

Furthermore, he’s got two of the hottest artists in the game featuring on this track with him. Young Thug who the world can’t seem to get enough of yelps his way through a bridge and harmonizes his faded, auto-tuned self through the remainder of the track, which is all fine and dandy because let’s be real you either love Thugger Thugger or you hate him, so this is a love it or hate it track simply due to the boy.

Next you have Nicki Minaj who comes through with another tight feature. Coming off the “No Flex Zone“, “Stoner“, and “Flawless***” remixes she’s been on quite the hot streak when it comes to features.

Then after you think the song is pretty much over due to all the awesome you just had infiltrate your ears you suddenly have Lil Bibby come out of nowhere with a monster verse as well. Bibby came hungry like he really had something to prove and he truly came through.

Check out the music video for “Low” on YouTube and download the track on iTunes. Also be on the lookout for Juicy’s new album “THC: The Hustle Continues” coming sometime this September.


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