Kitty – “Second Life”


Image via SoundCloud

Kitty has begun to make good on her commitment to her new album “Flower Violence”; earlier today she released the single “Second Life” whilst explaining her disdain for labels:

“frick a label uoeno

here’s a song from my new album i’m making, it’s called flowerviolence and it’s gonna be weird but whatever i really like it and i’m tired of waiting for other people to decide what happens to my music because it’s boring and i like this so here u go.” – Kitty via SoundCloud

What we have with “Second Life” is something wildly different from what we’d expect from the girl who bit Tupac Shakur’s moniker, deeming herself “kittaveli”. Full of synths rapidly ascending to a ridiculous drum loop only to break down just long enough to leave you thinking, “Wait, what am I listening to again?”, Second Life is not a tale of the online computer game, but almost the soundtrack to the topic of Kitty’s idea of a lucid dream. The subject of the track being the cause of said dream.

You made me this quiet thing I’m not used to being
Inside of this second life, I live in lucid dreams
I’m excited, I’m losing sleep
You’ve got me lost in my lucid dreams.

Kitty quietly spits her flow over the synthpop loop produced by Ary (of Anamanaguchi) and does it with ease. It seems as though Flower Violence is going to be extremely experimental for the rapper, an album full of growth and quite literally not caring about what anyone thinks. Needless to say, we’re excited to hear more from Flower Violence.

In an email full of grammatical errors and a lack of capital letters to Kitty’s mailing list she said the following about “Second Life” and her new album:

” hi guys ^_^

so i know i haven’t emailed u in a while but i’ve been crazy busy/anxious/whatever because all these crazy changes are happening and i’m taking charge of my life and being a very proactive human for the first time ever (*pats self on back*)
my boldest (read: maybe dumbest) move was basically putting out a song on my own which is not what people are supposed to do according to the ~standards of the music industry~ but i kinda realized lately that i’m kidding myself if i think i’m a dang pop star and i have to live by these weird business man rules.
im soooooooo punkkkkkk rockkkkkkkkkkkkk
aaaanyway, this song i put out on friday morning- it was basically an instinct move that i made out of frustration with other people telling me what to do. you guys wanna hear my music (i hope????), i am making music because i want YOU GUYS to hear it- who cares about the rest of that s***, right????
so even though this new song isn’t necessarily what the ENTIRE album is gonna sound like, it’s probably my favorite song i’ve ever made and it was written about a time/person that i really really needed to write about to get it out of my crazybrain. it was like therapy for me, so even though it doesn’t have any sick burns or good jokes in it, i’m still down and hopefully you guys are also down because for the first time i’m doing stuff that i believe in!!!!!!!!”

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