Mixtape Monday: Chief Keef – “Almighty So”

cover1Image via FakeShoreDrive / Interscope

Straight out the concrete jungles of Chiraq, Drillinois (and/or some jail somewhere) returns Chief Keef with his newest mixtape “Almighty So“. Released on October 12th, 2013 at 10:17 PM, the specifics regarding the time were in order to pay homage to label mate (and owner of the 1017 Brick Squad record label) Gucci Mane. Keef enlisted only 2 relatively unknown guest features in Cdai and Tadoe putting the spotlight mainly on himself (when DJ Scream isn’t… well… screaming…) and what you get from this is a whole lot of what you’d expect from Chief Keef.

What we hear with “Almighty So” is a 15 track effort guaranteed to bang in the whip; exactly what we would expect from the 18 year old father of one with a criminal record longer than this mixtape’s length. (Clocking in at a bit over 30 minutes). What was meant to be what many considered a redemption for Keef after August’s disappointing “Bang, Pt. 2” Ended up also being a disappointment. The real question is why are many of us so sad about this?

As a critic and a lover of every aspect of hip-hop I really wanted “Almighty So” to succeed and wanted to see Chief Keef grow as an artist. Although considered whack by many he has some great producers backing him and cosigns from people like Kanye Westprobably one of the biggest revolutionaries in hip-hop today (my humble opinion.) Chief Keef brought Chicago’s drill scene to the mainstream and truly defined the popular “#TurnUp” we see running rampant across Twitter these days.

After giving Almighty So several listens and trying my hardest to like every single track I’ve come to the conclusion that I simply cannot. Chief Keef has given me, the whitest kid you know from exurb Missouri the right and the ability to “#TurnUp”, as he’s given so many others. Overall I find the production to be lazy which is abnormal for a lot of Drill music, especially Chief Keef. DJ Scream’s hosting has always been second to Gangsta Grillz and he will never be anybody’s first choice as a host because he does in fact just SCREAM OVER EVERY TRACK. Chief Keef will never be the lyrical mastermind that many look for in hip-hop but his willingness to experiment with flow, rhyme patterns, and beats definitely show on “Almighty So“. Not to mention, as I said above, this tape bangs in the whip.

Across the board of hip-hop when Chief Keef’s name is mentioned you hear two very different opinions from opposite sides of the spectrum. Either Chief Keef is a revolutionary or he is the whackest thing to happen to hip-hop. I ultimately think it shows from the braggadocio (a cornerstone in hip-hop culture) in “Almighty So” that the #1 problem with Chief Keef right now, even for his fans is that he has so much time, so much potential, and so much going for him to just see the hunger he had on previous works (see: Bang Pt. 1, Back From the Dead) fade away. A prime example of “making it” and becoming lazy. The in-and-out of jail stints, etc. can’t be helping either.

Anyway, if you like Drill (and/or Keef) give the tape a listen, stream it courtesy of LiveMixtapes here, download it from Datpiff here, and follow Chief Keef on twitter here. Also follow me (Troy Womble) on facebook and twitter for more updates from S&S.

Choice cuts from “Almighty So“: “Hunchoz“, “Me (feat. Tadoe)“, “Salty“, “Nice
Tracks I do not recommend: “I Kno

They say they want the old Sosa. For what doe?”

(The following is my open message and completely unrelated to Mixtape Monday.)

Well Keef, I think I speak for all of your fans (myself included) when I say what I’ve written here is exactly why we want the old Sosa. I think fans will gobble down everything you put out no matter how lazy it really is. You could make a 15 track tape of you yelling “Sosa!” and people would listen to it if you had a beat they could “#TurnUp” to behind it. But we want to see you hungry again, we want to see you angry again, we want to know that when you’re toting pipes that you would actually do something with it and not just talk about it. We want the Chiraq soldier.  You’re 18, kid, you got a lot of life to live yet so don’t get lazy now.


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