Open Letter

Where do I begin? I suppose with a massive apology to all my readers. About 3 weeks ago my uncle passed away from heart failure. I left my college to travel three and a half hours home with my granddad at 11 PM on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013. I left with 2 pairs of clothes, a bottle of water, my Bible, my laptop, and a notebook. About 20 minutes into my journey home we found out the tragic news my uncle passed away, my uncle was like a father to me. When we finally arrived home around 3 AM it was just an absolute tragedy.Over the course of the next week I spent a lot of time grieving, I missed classes, I missed work, I just wanted to support my family, and that I did.

I kept up with a lot of stuff that should have been posted for all of you readers but I simply hadn’t been able to make myself write anything. I’ve kept count and I owe you all 3 Mixtape Mondays and if you all gave pennies for every thought I had on everything that’s transpired in music over the last 3 weeks I’d have a couple bucks in my wallet. I failed quizzes from falling behind on my reading for classes and only (as of yesterday) have gotten caught up on all my work.

I appreciate all of your faithfulness and sticking by me through this time in my life. I have a lot of stuff to get into and even more to catch up on for S&S. Even if it’s just in the archive I want you all to see that I’ve been covering things they just haven’t been published. As of right now my priorities lie with Danny Brown’s “Old” and Pusha T’s “My Name Is My Name” and review those and then also a bunch of other stuff.

Again, thank you all. Here’s to you.

– Troy Womble II

P.S. Steve, may you forever praise the Father and dance before Him in joy. Rest in peace fam.


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