Jon Waltz – “Bang (Left My Home)” [Album Version]


Image via SoundCloud

Earlier this year a young up-and-comer from Memphis by the name of Jon Waltz released a track called “” on his SoundCloud. Today, Jon has released the official album version of the song and the shift from what it was back in May is monumental. Zayd’s production has been polished up and has become much more eerie but what makes this track really stand out among the rest on Waltz’ “Airways Blvd.” EP is his songwriting. Waltz covers a theme of lost innocence that is relatable for many reflecting on their past whilst dealing with the uncertainty of their own future.

Waltz is young, his technical skill still needs developing but that will come with natural maturity and effort. His ability to create a song and tell a story however is something that is unparalleled by many young rappers in the game today; a lot of rappers could take note. His ear for beats is also something to be mentioned, all of “Airways Blvd.” was produced by Zayd who obviously compliments Waltz’ rapping style.

Bang” features sampling from King Krule and some deep, dark 808’s that leave you feeling like you need a hug after they hit you. It gives you a cohesive story of many of today’s youth, literally leaving home with “a dream and a cigarette.” Waltz has captured a moment with “Bang that cannot be replicated by anyone or anything else.

Be sure to check out “Bang” on Waltz’ official SoundCloud or just listen to it below. The first link is the explicit, unfinished version from May and the second link is the album version / official single from “Airways Blvd.” 
which you can download free here.


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