Mixtape Monday: Trinidad Jame$ – 10 Pc. Mild


Image via @TrinidadJamesGG on twitter.

Trinidad Jame$ is back with his sophomore mixtape “10 Pc. Mild”, a ten track arrangement of bass that makes the ground shake beneath you and utter ignorance in every bar. It’s obvious the “All Gold Everything” rapper’s freshman effort “Don’t Be S.A.F.E.” was one of the biggest sleeper hits of 2012 so it was quite the pleasant surprise to see Jame$ come up with something in 2013 to hopefully tide us over until he finally makes something out of that $2 million Def Jam deal.

We can’t deny that Trinidad Jame$ is a love him or hate him artist. This is proven within the first minute of “10 Pc. Mild” with the intro “WutEL$e“. However, with some great beats backing him and some memorable features from CyHi Da Prynce on “Material Thing$ Are Hard to Deal With” and Travi$ Scott on “$hut Up!!!“, Trinidad Jame$ proves he can open up with three straight bangers and still hold your interest.

Okay, switch gears. Next up we are offered the standout “Hip$ter $trip Club” which is a spaced-out, auto-tuned ode to… well… a hipster strip club. Where Trinidad lacks technicality and songwriting ability he makes up for in his versatility and charisma. The beat, coming from none other than K.E. On The Track, sounds like Clams Casino and Kanye West got together and combined the best of their talents to make an unforgettable beat that hits with the same intensity as any banger yet is as peaceful as Thom Yorke giving Chris Martin a hug. The only thing that saddens me about this song is that it’s the best track on the mixtape and it’s only 4 tracks in…

The next 6 tracks consist of more of the same. Snares, ignorant bass and even more ignorant rhymes. If I had one word to describe this mixtape it would undoubtedly be ignorant. But at the same time, it’s enjoyable. “Quez“, the “turn-up anthem” from 10 Pc. Mild sees an enjoyable verse from Danny Brown. Next up you have the banger for women, “Homegirl$”. Then you have the second Young Chop assisted track “Jumpin Off Texa$”, which is forgettable. Bino$ Vs. Bree$ features a nice interlude from XXYYXX and leads into the ode to realness / proving himself that is “Ro$enBerg$” (skippable.)

10 Pc. Mild ends with the Atlanta rap family reunion “Ea$tside” with features from Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, Alley Boy, and Childish Gambino. This track is definitely worth a listen for Gambino’s verse alone where he transcends topics ranging from cars to astrology. Not too shabby.

All in all, if you’re looking for something to turn up to or just feel like jamming definitely give Jame$ latest effort a listen. 10 tracks is more than enough to get it out of your system. If ignorant bangers aren’t your thing, give “Hip$ter $trip Club” a listen and recycle bin the rest, you won’t regret that giving that track a listen. Also definitely check out other standouts like “$hut Up!!!” and “Bino$ Vs. Bree$” for some great production and that Travi$ Scott feature.

You can download 10 Pc. Mild from LiveMixtapes here. Also be sure to follow Trinidad Jame$ on twitter and like him on Facebook. You know, if you like him.

Written by Troy Womble.
Follow me on twitter for more news, reviews, and cool stuff. @wvmble


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