Mixtape Monday: Fluent – “Retro Future”


Image via @FluentTheGod on twitter.

North Carolina native Fluent dropped his new mixtape “Retro Future” yesterday. Staying true to the mixtape’s title’s meaning we can hear him bridging the gap between old and new with the mixture of the boom-bap golden era production from the likes of 9th Wonder and Khrysis and his knack for creativity in his song-writing; switching from conscious-rap tracks like “Pushin On“, featuring Bekah to club tracks like “Po’d Up” , featuring the supposedly-“retired” SpaceGhostPurrp, the up-and-comer has made quite the impact on the mixtape scene, garnering nearly a thousand views the mixtape’s Datpiff page in just under a day.

If you’re feeling unsure about wasting your bandwidth on downloading some basically unknown rapper’s mixtape I urge you to give the song “Po’d Up” (feat. SpaceGhostPurrp) [prod. J. Cardim] a listen before closing the tab. Being brutally honest, Fluent is not a, as Eminem would say lyrical miracle, spiritual individual, but his slow flow is phenomenal, he spreads his words over the beat like butter with lines like:

“What up shawty? Soo woo Blood
What up cuz? Affiliated
F-L-U but the E-N-T is abbreviated”

Needless to say, what Fluent lacks in lyrical ability he makes up for in energy, versatility, and creativity. If you’re looking for some new rappers that haven’t hit the mainstream yet then Fluent is definitely a good place to start. You can’t go wrong with a rapper that has great songwriting ability with the production to back it up and a ridiculous feature game (see Royce Da 5’9″ on Smoked It” and duly note that he brought SGP out of retirement.)

Check out and download “Retro Future” on Datpiff. Also follow Fluent on his Twitter or check out his MySpace page.

Written by Troy Womble.
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