Kitty – “Hittin Lixx” Music Video + Album Announcement

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Image via Roger Kisby / Getty

Our favorite tumblr-wave rapper Kitty released the long-awaited visual aid to her track “Hittin Lixx” today. Last night she “leaked” the video to her mailing list subscribers with a personal message and link to the password protected , (the security has since been removed.) She also announced a new album titled “Flower Violence” through a link on the Hittin Lixx tumblrthe follow-up to her “D.A.I.S.Y. Rage” mixtape with a vague release date of “Winter”. She also held a reddit AMA answering questions about her album and “whatever else” where she revealed a list of producers we should expect to see including Hot Sugar, Grimes, DJ Mustard, and BrandUn DeShay.

Here’s what Kitty had to say to her subscribers:

hey guys ^_^

soooooooooooo don’t tell anyone but i’m leaking u the hittin lixx video. im annoyed with how long it’s taking to come out lol
so i made a qt website you can access here —
and the password is hittinlixx
don’t tell anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im tryna make this a secret mailing list leak. i know u guys won’t f*** around wit it <333333
anyway, hope u like it , make sure you click things on the site (; lemme know what you think- you can email me back on here???
also last time i sent u guys a dope song i actually forgot to put the link in there so i ended up sending you nothing but it’s literally the soundtrack for ms. pac man: maze madness hahahah yea
download the app kakao talk and text me if u want. im hella sick tonight and i downloaded it cuz hot sugar’s in europe and it’s the only way for me to talk to him waaaaah. 
xxxxxoooooxoxoxoxo kitty

Two words. Get HYPE.

Check out the video for “Hittin Lixx” below. For more updates on Kitty follow her on twitter, Facebook, and her email list.


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